Your home is a very personal statement. Itís more than square footage and the number of bedrooms. Your life is going on inside its wall. To achieve your vision and meet your needs, your architect needs more than superb credentials. The ability to listen, to understand those needs, is essential. 

As your architect, I make it my first priority-before pen is set to paper- to get to know you and to find out what your specific needs are. It sounds simple, because in theory it is. But the difference between listening to you and truly understanding what you are telling me is what makes or breaks the project.  I consider it my mission to give you the house you want, designed in the most efficient and visually pleasing way possible. Our shared vision will ensure thatís exactly what will happen.

After receiving both my Bachelorís degree and Masterís degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and interning for several years in Philadelphia, I returned to my native Long Island. I moved to the East End, where I had spent childhood summers, especially admiring the local architecture, to take a position with the internationally renowned firm of Peter Marino + Associates. Spending over 5 years at this firm working on my first love in architecture, residential projects, I learned the art and craft of detail at the hand of a master of this discipline. After leaving PMA, I also worked briefly for several other distinguished local firms, such as Peter Cook Architect, Frank Greenwald Architect and Kathrine McCoy Architect, before striking out on my own permanently in 2001. Registered in New York state since 1990, my firm has worked on over 60 projects of various sizes and scope, both large (26,000 square foot house) and small (addition of a 100 square foot entry). My firm endeavors to bring the same level of attention to detail and expertise to every commission received. I also have a personal interest in historic preservation and am a board member of the Town of Southampton Landmarks and Historic Districts Board. In addition, I have been a member of the Peconic (formerly long Island) chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2002.